welcome to hsif


HSIF is a non-profit association with the purpose to activate students at University of Halmstad in different sports. The member-fee is 50SEK per school year (July to July) and you will be registered by paying the fee at the gym-reception of Idrottscentrum in building I at campus. When you have paid the fee, you will get access to the activities that we arrange. Like us on Facebook (search for HSIF) to find more updated information about us and our activities.

To be GREAT means:

Gladness: members of HSIF will get the chance to do something funny together with new and current friends.

Respect: HSIF stands for consider to each other’s thoughts and opinions. The board, referees and volunteers shall of course be respected as well.

Everyone: HSIF will make sure that all student will have the chance to be a part of the organization.

A responsibility: members do have the responsibility for themselves and his/her fellows prosperous.

Together: HSIF runs the association together with its members and together we will have great time.

HSIF activities - how to book

You book our activities through the website or the application ”Idrottscentrum” (log in with e-mail address and password) our visit the reception of Idrottscentrum and they will help you.

Many of our activities are very popular so make sure to reserve your place! It is possible to make a reservation 7 days in advance.

You have to be in place at least 10 minutes before the activity starts. Register by swiping your card in the reception. If you don’t register your arrival at least 10 minutes before the activity start you jeopardizing your spot in the activity!

The membership costs 50SEK and are valid from 1st of August 2017 until 31st of July 2018. The dates of our activities will be seen when you book them or through advertising at the University or on our Facebook-page.

Please have a look at the application or the website for cancelled activities.

our actitivities

These are the HSIF activities on the spring 2018.

There will be arranged some sport activities every Monday and Sunday at the sports center at building I at campus

Mondays 8 to 9pm

Different sports from week to week: floorball, badminton, basketball, climbing, volleyball, table tennis etc.

Sundays 4 to 5pm


To see what/which sport(s) that will be held this week – take a look at the application or the website.

Student league

Student League is an indoor soccer tournament for students at Halmstad University. The tournament is arranged by HSIF. Every year several teams from different programs participate in the tournament. The purpose with the tournament is to activate as many students as possible, and of course to have fun together.

The Student League group can be reached on studentleague@hotmail.com if you have any questions or if you want to have more information about the tournament.