Freeze your card in case of LONG TIME illNESS, pregnancy, studies etc

In case of long-term illness (at least 2 weeks), we freeze the card as far as necessary to present a medical certificate. The certificate shall state between the dates on which it must be frozen and clearly indicate that the possibility of physical activity cannot be implemented.

NOTE! We can only freeze the membership 14 days back of the date showed doctors notice.

In pregnancy, we usually freeze up to three months after the estimated decline. If membership needs to be frozen longer than these three months, member needs to confirm that with a certificate. In case of long-term illness we will freeze the card as far as necessary for the presentation of medical certificates, indicating start and end dates. However, you still have the opportunity to freeze for two months without reasons.

In case of injury




Job in another city

is it allowed to freeze for at least 30 days and most 365 days.

Valid certificate

Disease/ injury: medical certificate

Pregnancy: no certificate required

Job/ military service in another city: certificate from establishment

Travel for more than 90 days: Turn- return ticket

freeze your card in case of a temporary training break.

The possibility to freeze your card for SEK 50 / month, which means that you keep your price.

You can freeze your membership for up to 6 months per 12-month period. Payment is made in advance at reception or via invoice.

If you want to unlock your freezing earlier, this is possible, but you can´t get your money back. Freezing time can not be counted as a time of notice. 

updated terms 1/8- 2019


From that year when you turn:

14 years -together with parent, both must be memebers

15 years - All group training alone, exercise in the gym together with the parent

16 years - On all sorts of training

Small children may be with their parents in the gym (not recreation room) if they sit / lie in baby shelter or stroller.

This applies during the daytime weekdays until 15.00 and during manned reception times on the weekend.

You as a parent are responsible for your child's safety, think about where you place the protection / intervention. Loose machine parts and weights pose a safety risk to your child.

The age limits are for the well-being and safety.