Idrottscentrum gym 

GYm training

Idrottscentrum is a reference gym for Eleiko and certified Les Mills facility, which means high quality strength training and group training.

As a reference gym for Eleiko, we have machines and free weights for the entire body to suit all customers.


In our free space we have the most for those who like to work with dumbbells and bars. We have 5 podiums where you can use free weights from Eleiko.

Dumbbells up to 52 kg and kettlebells up to 56 kg!

WEIGHT TRAINING with machines

As a reference gym for Eleiko, we have machines for the entire body to suit all customers. The machines are set in a circle formation that makes it easy for you as a beginner to easily and safely train your entire body.

There are also rehab machines, pilates balls, medicine balls, balance plates and much more for those who have a rehabilitation program from a physiotherapist.

conditioning park

If you want to improve your fitness, we have several opportunities for you.

Treadmills, cyklar, spinning bikes, rowing machines and crosstrainers are some of the options. We have several televisions that you can watch while you work out.

If you need help setting up the machines, our staff will be more than happy to help.

do you want help? 

We are able to assist you with an individual-based program that reflects your training background, goals and injuries.

The training program is designed with pictures and information and that we always provide practical instructions for each exercise.

Diet counseling (link) 

Personal training (link) 

- Please book a consultation or a program instruction with any of our personal trainers.

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