body composition analysis

Andreas holm

The caliper analysis is performed by our personal trainer Andreas Holm who has year of experience with caliper and bodyfat reduction. Reducing bodyfat and increasing muscle-mass is his specialty! Works both with sports nutrition for competing athletes and everyday joe looking to improve his or hers health!

BCA - 


Composition Analysis

We analyze body fat percentage, fat free mass:fat mass, fat free mass index, hip- to waist-ratio, and body fat distribution pattern. We will explain different measuring methods and why results may differ. You will also get some measures of base metabolism, makronutrient partitioning fitted to your goal. Wether it be fatloss och muscle gain.

A measurement takes about 30-45 minutes and costs SEK 399.

BCC - Body 

Composition Coaching 

Coaching based on a bodyfat analysis. You will get a detailed plan of training and diet to get you closer to your goal. This is the optimal solution if your goal is to change your training, and dietary habits to improve your body composition.

If you have any questions about diet advice etc. contact Simon,