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Idrottscentrum administrates and organises the University Hall since Fall 2009

Idrottscentrum administrates and organises the University Hall since Fall 2009. All the activities that relate to health and physical education are gathered in the University Hall, in new, spacious and ultra-modern facilities, including gym, training rooms and facilities for teaching and research.

An activity area of 45 x 20 meters, that can be split up into three parts, creating opportunities which only few other halls in the country offers. The extensible stands gives an audience capacity of 600 spectators.

In specially designed facilities integrated with the hall concept, Idrottscentrum is also in collaboration with Halmstad University conducting advanced consulting, research in sports psychology, physiology and biomechanics.

We can offer both basic and advanced testing in conjunction with training camps and events.

Associations, companies and individuals can rent/book the entire University Hall or 1/3 part or similiar for tournaments, activities or for example conducting of different tests.

We will help you to arrange the hall, so it fits the event you are having!

For these sports there are lines on the hall floor: 

The entire hall:

Basketball            (the whole plan/ 1/3)

Fotball                 (the whole plan/ 1/3)

Volley-ball            (the whole plan/ 1/3)

Floorball              (the whole plan/ 1/3)

Handball              (the whole plan/ 1/3)

Badminton           (the whole plan/ 1/3)








We have equipment for all sports as goals, baskets, nets and sarges. Clubs, balls, etc. you need to bring yourself. There are also gymnastic equipment such as carpets, rings and ropes.

For questions or booking

Josefine Klang

035-241 08 00 or